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In 1991, a law was passed to require any business, person, partnership, organization, association, corporation, or individual, in the business of installing, altering, inspecting, repairing, recharging, servicing, maintaining, or testing fire suppression systems or in the business of inspecting, repairing, recharging, servicing, maintaining, or testing portable fire extinguishers or special hazard fire suppression systems to obtain a license from the Safety Fire Commissioner.

Through the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s web site, you will be able to search for a particular business to see if they have obtained a valid license for this year. You may also search by valid zip code for a particular area. You may also view all businesses that have a current licenses issued to them. In seeking a servicing company, please verify that they are licensed for the type of service you need performed such as servicing of kitchen restaurant fire protection systems, special hazard systems or portable fire extinguishers.

Note: The provisions of this chapter do not apply to fire chiefs, fire marshals, fire inspectors, or insurance company inspectors with regard to the routine visual inspection of pre-engineered fire suppression systems or portable fire extinguishers. In addition, the provisions of this chapter do not apply to any firm that engages only in the routine visual inspection of fire suppression systems or portable fire extinguishers owned by the firm and installed on property under the control of said firm.

Click here to search Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s web site for licensed companies.  

Effective August 30, 2010, the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Fire Safety Division changed the address for mailing in filings with payments.


Georgia Department of Insurance
Fire Safety Division
P.O. Box 935136
Atlanta, GA 31193-5136

Customer who send payments via overnight should use the following address:
Wachovia Bank
Georgia Department of Insurance-Fire Safety Division
Lockbox 935136
3585 Atlanta Avenue
Hapeville, GA 30354  

Dear Members,

I would like to thank each and every one of you that attended the 2009 GAFSED Conference and Trade Show. The Friday and Saturday training sessions were well attended with almost 300 technicians trained. Look for more of these training opportunities in the future as together we work for a safer Georgia. For some, it was your first time to meet and hear from our State Fire Marshal Alan Shuman and Assistant State Fire Marshal Dwayne Garriss. We in Georgia are truly fortunate to have these two gentlemen serving the citizens of Georgia.

On October 27, 2009 the GAFSED board received an e-mail from Dwayne that at the International Fire Code hearings the committee voted in favor of NASFM proposal F94, thus deleting the existing exception eliminating portable fire extinguishers in new and existing Group A, B and E occupancies if they are equipped with quick response sprinklers throughout. The proposal was made by President Alan Shuman through the Model Codes Committee of the National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM). Also at this hearing they defeated another proposal that would have eliminated portable fire extinguishers in R - 2 occupancies containing sleeping units or more than two dwelling units where the occupants are primarily permanent in nature. These include apartments, non transient boarding houses, time share properties, convents, dormitories, fraternities and sororities, hotels and motels, live/work units and monasteries. 

Imagine these buildings without portable fire extinguishers to use as a first line of defense if a fire breaks out. Try to calculate the potential loss of life and property. Try to imagine our businesses without these revenue sources, either new sales or service.

The work of Alan, Dwayne and the State Fire Marshal's (SFM) office goes unnoticed, unless it is time to renew our licenses and permits. But we are very fortunate to have them as a resource in leading the charge fighting for us in the fire protection industry and also the citizens of Georgia and the entire United States of America. I wish that there was a way for them to truly get the recognition they deserve even though that is not why they do what they do.

If given a chance, please let them know that you appreciate what they do for all of us. It is truly an honor for GAFSED to be able to partner with the State Fire Marshal's office to maker Georgia safer for those who live and/or work here.

Yours in fire safety,

Frank Middleton

Guide To Fire Chemistry & Exinguishment

Guide To Fire Chemistry & ExinguishmentCraig Voelkert of Amerex Corporation has been kind enough to provide GAFSED his Guide To Fire Chemistry & Exinguishment , a technical guide to dealing with hazardous fire situations and agents.  This guide especially written for fire extinguisher and pre-engineered suppression technicians outlines a very brief and basic understanding of the chemistry of fire, properties of flammable liquids, classification of fire, extinguishment theory for various agents, application and the UL rating system.  Click here to download the guide.

Mr. Voelkert is Vice President for Sales & Special Hazards for Amerex Corporation.  This guide is free to use for information and training purposes. Copyright does apply preventing anyone from selling or charging for information contained in the document.

Georgia Extinguisher / System License & Permit Renewal Decision Tree

In order to best understand your renewal requirements you must define how you are licensed or permitted in the State of Georgia. There are three ways one can be licensed/ permitted

1.Manufacturer’s Certification – Install, Inspect, Service or Test; Limited work to brand /type certified.
2.NAFED/ ICC Certification - Install, Inspect, Service or Test
3.NICET - Install, Inspect, Service or Test (SYSTEM)

For more info read Georgia Extinguisher / System License & Permit Renewal Decision Tree

    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Warning

This recall involves the Kidde XL Fire Extinguishers with model numbers FX340SC, FX340H, FX340GW, XL5MR, FX210R, FX340SC-2, FX210W, XL2.5TCZ-4, E-340-3 and with manufacture dates between October 2007 and April 2008. “Kidde” and the model number can be found on the label on the front of the extinguisher. The manufacture year is on the bottom of the extinguisher. If your extinguisher is one of the listed model numbers and is marked with the year 07 or 08, contact Kidde to determine if you have a recalled extinguisher.
Click here to read entire USCPSC warning.

Fire Extinguisher Recall

SUBJECT: Strike First 2.5 lb and 5 lb Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers • Models WBSF-ABC110AP, WBSF-ABC210AP and WBSF-ABC340AP

Click Here For More Information

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