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Gafsed Fire ExtinguishersWelcome to the new Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers web site. 
The Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers was organized in 2000 by a group of concerned fire equipment dealers with the purpose:

  • homepgpic2To cooperate with governmental agencies, organizations and officials, as well as insurance organizations, in the furtherance of the objects of GAFSED and the public.
  • To gather information and statistics and other pertinent data relative to the fire equipment industry, and to distribute information to government agencies, organizations and officials, as well as insurance organizations, users, and the public regarding the fire protection industry, the products distributed by it.
  • To recommend to the fire equipment industry such trade policies and practices as will stabilize the industry and protect the public interest. And to eliminate such practices which cause injury to the industry and to the public interest. To gather and disseminate information and ideas which will improve the State’s fire protection and increase the competence of the fire equipment industry. Each member of this association acknowledges the responsibility interest in the sale and maintenance of fire protection equipment distributed by it and pledges to perform its work and service it’s customers with the highest degree of honesty, skill and integrity that such responsibility infers.
  • To further the joint interest of and to build good will between distributors, dealers and manufacturers of the fire equipment industry.
  • To develop specifications and standards for the fire protection equipment, and to undertake such other programs as to be proper to enhance and promote the welfare of the fire protection industry.

As dramatic changes reshape the fire equipment industry in Georgia, it is critical that owners join together to uphold the dignity, honor and integrity of the fire equipment profession.

GAFSED is dedicated to

  • Lobby the adoption of uniform standards and codes governing the fire equipment industry.
  • Build good will among members, distributors, dealers, and manufacturers of the products of our industry.
  • Work to develop or recommend policies and practices to stabilize the industry and promote the public interest.

A firm actively engaged in the sales and service of fire extinguishers or  fire suppression systems
ASSOCIATE- (Non Voting) A manufacturer or supplier of products or services to Active GAFSED members.
HONORARY- (Non Voting) Named by board a person whose contributions to, or interest’s in the fire protection industry are, in the opinion of the Board, sufficient to merit this membership.

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